Dombrowski-Dave Red Sox 11.08.16 Mark J. Rebilas USA (3)


It may not be Larry Lucchino labeling the Yankees the Evil Empire, but it will have to do. Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski poked some fun at his rivals just moments after they acquired right-hander Sonny Gray from the A’s in one of the biggest deadline deals of the day.

“You mean the Golden State Warriors, you’re talking about?” Dombrowski asked, tongue in cheek. “Yeah. Yeah, I think the Golden State Warriors have significantly made some moves.”

For those wondering where that reference came from, it dates back to the offseason, when Yankees counterpart Brian Cashman used the NBA champs to describe the Red Sox, who had just acquired Chris Sale from the White Sox.

“Boston’s like the Golden State Warriors now in baseball,” Cashman said. “They got their Durant and their Green and Thompson and Curry.”

Far from a super team, the Red Sox limped into July 31 a half game behind the Yankees, who have made a series of moves to bolster their roster, none bigger than acquiring Gray from the A’s.

“I expected it,” Dombrowski said. “I would have been surprised if they didn’t. But I think Brian probably has made them the Golden State Warriors and we’re the significant underdogs, when I’m listening to the MLB Network. So it kind of switched. I would anticipate, like he said earlier in the year that he didn’t know how the Red Sox would lose a game, I think it’ll be the same. I don’t know how they’ll lose a game right now. They made some good moves. They made their club significantly better. It didn’t surprise me at all. It was out there for an extended period that they were looking to do those things.”