By Brendan Kuty

Could this be the end?

Controversial designated hitter Alex Rodriguez will host a press conference at Yankee Stadium at 11 a.m. Sunday, the Yankees said.

They didn’t say why.

General manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi will also be on hand, the team said.

The press conference will happen before the Yankees face the Indians at 1 p.m.

A source close to Rodriguez declined to detail what’s happening but simply said to be there — signifying its obvious importance to the slugger.

The press conference will come two days after first baseman Mark Teixeira said he would retire after the season.

Rodriguez hasn’t spoken to reporters since Teixeira’s decision.

Speculation has intensified in recent weeks that the Yankees could release Rodriguez with less than a season and a half and approximately $28 million remaining in his contract.

A report from FanRag’s Jon Heyman recently said that some people within the Yankees’ baseball operations department would be ready to cut Rodriguez.

Even N.J. Gov. Chris Christie weighed in, saying he believes A-Rod is “done.”

Owner Hal Steinbrenner, Cashman and Girardi each have said the organization hasn’t discussed releasing A-Rod.

“First and foremost, you just have to admit it’s not easy to go ahead and eat — meaning release — that kind of money,” Cashman said on ESPN radio recently. “It’s not something you come to a quick decision on. There are players around the game with big contracts, well-below-average players, for many years, not just a year. Alex hit 33 home runs, I believe, last year.

“This is a bigger media market, more attention and a tempest around what should be done. All I can tell you is: Slow down a little bit. And here’s the counterargument: There’s a very large financial commitment through next year on a player of Alex’s caliber that was productive as [recently] as last year. Now, he’s being put in a position where sporadic play to try to get it going makes it more difficult. It’s fair to ask why and it’s fair to understand why it’s not a quick, rash decision, especially with September around the corner.”

When referencing September, Cashman meant that rosters expand from 25 players to 40.

There would be plenty of reasons for the sides to part ways.

For the first time his 22-year career, Rodriguez doesn’t seem to have a place with the Yankees, who have stripped him of his full-time DH role

He’s played sparingly since the All-Star break, struggling to find consistency at the plate.

The 41-year-old is hitting .204 with nine home runs. He has 696 career homers, sitting fourth on the all-time list behind Babe Ruth at 714.

Rodriguez has said he would be “at peace” with the Yankees’ decision — if that decision was to release him.

But he’s also said he doesn’t want to be released and that he believes there are reasons for the Yankees to keep him around.

Rodriguez has said he believes he would serve as a good teacher for young Yankees players. He also said he believes he could hit as many as 25 home runs next year with a full and healthy offseason training program.