By Douglas Rush

On Jackie Robinson Day, everyone in Major League Baseball playing on the day; April 15, wears his number with the Brooklyn Dodgers, 42, to honor him and what he did for the game of baseball.

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Robinson broke the color barrier that existed at the time in baseball and even though his arrival in the game was met with racism and hatred, it sparked a new era in the game; one that allowed African American players to play in the game; racism aside.

On April 15, 1947, Robinson made his debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers and never looked back, as he became a fabric in the sport of baseball. Robinson is enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame ans his number 42 is universally retired around the sport of baseball.

Mariano Rivera was the final player that was allowed to wear the number 42 because he was grandfathered in when the rule was made to retire Robinson’s number in baseball.

On Friday night, to go along with everyone wearing the number 42, Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia will also honor Robinson by wearing special-made cleats as part of his uniform.

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Sabathia isn’t pitching on Friday night against the Seattle Mariners, so he won’t be wearing them on the mound and will only be in the dugout with the cleats. Sabathia’s former teammate in Robinson Cano, whom he’ll see come into town for the series, was named after Robinson.