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By Wolf

Josh Donaldson may have given us the answer to why Nate gives up a lot of homers ?

I was watching the Toronto feed of last night’s game between the Yankees and the Blue Jays , and on the pre game Hazel May interviewed Josh Donaldson who may have given us the answer to why Nate was crusting along and then was finally assaulted last night by the Blue Jay bats ?

Hazel asked him what his approach was when facing a guy like Nate who can throw 100 MPH but still has a breaking ball in the lower 80’s , Josh’s answered may have addressed more that he thought he was giving up ?

Josh said  “With a guy like Nate my approach is just to watch how the ball comes out of his hand for the first 2 times around  and then try to figure what’s coming  by watching his hand ”

That made perfect sense last night , Nate was breezing along for the first 2 times around and then the floor collapsed , Josh may have given us the reason why, and hopefully the Yankees pitching  coach gets word of what Donaldson said and works on correcting the problem  because most time it’s difficult to diagnose what’s wrong, but now that we know it should be fixable.

Are you listening Larry ?