By Michael Moraitis

All Keith Olbermann wanted to be was a New York Yankees play-by-play announcer when he grew up.

keith obermsan

At least that’s what he admitted to Richard Deitsch in an interview withSports Illustrated.

When asked what was one thing he wanted to do in sports, Keith chose a Yankees play-by-play man, which he never successfully accomplished:

My role models growing up were Jerry Coleman, Phil Rizzuto, Joe Garagiola and Marv Albert. Those were the people I grew up listening to. If you were interviewing me in 1973 and told me I got to do all I’ve done, I would have said, “What about play-by-play?” My goal was to be the Yankee announcer and I don’t think that is going to happen. I did play-by-play for one MLB game in 1993, a regional game for ESPN. That was it. And I don’t think it will happen again.

These days, Olbermann has his own show on ESPN, but not before failed stints at other television networks with his politically-driven talk shows.

Since then, Olbermann has stuck to sports and recently bashed the career of now-retired Yankees legend Derek Jeter on his show, basically tearing apart The Captain’s career in every imaginable way, while completely missing the point of why people really love and respect No. 2 in the first place.

Here’s the video:

If you care about my feelings on why Keith was so wrong, you can read them by clicking here, but it isn’t worth me rehashing the entire argument again.

Aside from being totally clueless and an attention seeker, the only other logical reason for Olbermann’s rant would be a deep-rooted hatred for aplayer and team that extends from his failure to reach ultimate goal.

Keith got his chance to do play-by-play once and he clearly wasn’t good enough for anyone to suggest he do more, let alone the Yankees.

Don’t worry, Keith, I wanted to be an astronaut.