By Johnny Yankee – Yankees42

I always remember the great Walter Cronkite and his famous words, so with
much respect to him I can’t help but to write them up as I discuss our Yankee
team on this day. Simply put, we have our work cut out as we wind up the
2014 season.

Yesterday, oh what a terrible day it was as we managed 1 measly hit. Of
all people it came from a very cold hitter, one who has cooled off quite a
bit just when the team needs for him to carry his team; Mark Teixeira. He
is our fourth hitter, our cleanup hitter, and he is simply not doing the job.
To blame him and only him would not be fair either. as most of our other
hitters have also not done their job.

Take the Captain. He has got to be dropped down in the batting order.
Joe cannot, for the benefit of the legend’s pride, keep him at the two
slot, since he is not getting on base, is killing us with his patented double
play groundouts. He has been a “rally killer,” and that has not made it any
easier on a team that is having problems scoring. I also have to blame
Girardi on this, because many times Ellsbury has been on and on the very
first pitch instead of taking a pitch, or sending Jacoby, he allows Jeter to
swing into his DP. Why not allow Ellsbury to steal second and thus avoid Derek
hitting into a DP? Doesn’t make sense, right? Nothing, seems to make sense
these days.

Our pitching has been superb, the starting one, since a tired bullpen has not
pitched as well as they did all season. It’s nature’s law! At this time of the year,
often used arms will be weary, and thus the drop in effectiveness. Pineda, Greene,
McCarthy, Kuroda and even Capuano, have all pitched very well, enough so that
their records should be much better. No hitting, no runs. We are flirting with

I don’t know if you feel like me, but two or three innings go by without a hit
and I start to think that this is the day we get no-hit. Yesterday, we came close.
We are 3.5 games away from the second WC. It was not what we set out to do
when the season started. We felt that we would run away with this thing, or
at least be fighting for first place. Sure, injuries have taken its toll, but that
has always been part of the game. I believe it’s a combination of a few factors.

I believe that Jeter’s “Farewell Tour” has been damaging. Too much distraction,
to many concessions by Girardi out of respect for him. Too many underachievers,
with players that are supposed to lead the way and are not. As I said, injuries
have also done its part, and one other factor; Long.

If a team struggles all season long with their hitting, it is the hitting coach’s
responsibility to straighten it somehow. But whether it is all of his faults or
not, the truth is that something is wrong somewhere and the Coach is responsible,
period! There is some sort of complacency on both the Manager, as in the
hitting coach. It is as if they were saying, “It is what it is, can’t do much about it!”
The players, well you see them make out after out, innings go by one by one,
next thing you know they are struggling to get a couple of runs just enough
to either tie or go ahead, only to see them leave men after men left on the bases.
Next thing you see is , the game is over. We have lost another game in a very
similar way much like it’s been all season long.

If you asked me, our losing of 4 of the starting pitchers, especially Tanaka, has
NOT been the main reason for where we stand today. Our substitute starters,
have done the job. McCarthy, Greene and eve Pineda, all have said “present,” it
has been the putrid offense that has caused us to be fighting for a “second”
WC birth. Who would have imagined we’d be in this position to practically have
to win every remaining game just to qualify. Things don’t look bright this 31St
of August, 2014, does it?