By Wolf


At one time WFAN –  N.Y. was the premiere  sports radio station in the country , but there has been a steady decline in quality in the past several years that has brought it to the point where a complete rebuild and makeover is necessary , it’s nearly impossible to tolerate and listen to the nonsense that they pump out every day.

Let’s start off with the morning show “Boomer & Carton”  , That show is total garbage , I tried but I can’t listen for even 5 minutes , Craig Carton is a total idiot who at times screams , sings , or makes crazy noises  like an complete imbecile , how any one could pay that man to do what he does is beyond me .

And as for Boomer the poor guy thinks it’s football season 365 days a year , and couple that with the fact that he’s constantly on multiple media forms doing commercials for something , and is on TV  everywhere it’s like I’m starting to feel he’s stalking me.

They try to be the poor mans Abbot and Costello but they’re not funny , they’re a total bore aimed at the lowest common denominator for an audience , Yes  I’m saying if you listen to that show and like it you have serious intelligence  issues.

Then we come to” Beningo and Roberts” , this is another total waste of time .  No matter where Evan Roberts starts off talking you can rest assured that after 5 minutes he’ll  start talking NBA  and will go on for hours , as for his partner Joe Beningo he’s a total embarrassment to himself , he has become Evan’s laughing boy , his only contribution to the show is to constantly laugh for no reason at all, perhaps he thinks if he keeps laughing people will think that something funny is going on ?  it’s time for him to retire.

Next we have “Mike Francesa” , at one time he was pretty good , and he is still the only regular host on that station that I will listen to.  But   I think he’s really tired of the the shows because it’s  apparent by the way he treats his callers , he talks down to every one and treats people like they are idiots , which they are for being stupid enough to call him just to get humiliated .

But my biggest gripe is with how little respect they give to the New York Yankees which they are a flagship station for .

On all other flagship stations  in the country after the post game is over the hosts talk about the game , but not at WFAN , they have the consummate  Yankee hater Steve Somers talking through his nose with his bogus Yiddish routine talking Mets , Jets  , and everything else besides what he should be talking about the New York Yankees !  even in the rain delay yesterday he was talking about the Mets and not he Yankees .

This station has gone to the dogs , it’s not fun to listen to anymore especially if you’re a Yankees and Giants fans , it’s hosts are all Mets and Jets fans and it shows terribly .

That station needs a total rebuild , it’s time to get rid of these boring hosts and bring in new blood , but better yet maybe the Yankees should buy their own radio station so their fans will have a place to listen to Yankee friendly talk for a change .