By JohnnyYankee – Yankees42

Robinson Cano introduced to Mariner fans

When Robbie Cano was playing out his 2013 season and was on the
verge of becoming a Free Agent after it ended, I like many, had high
hopes of he re-signing with us. I just could not see him walk away from
it all, the Yankees. How could he? He was the man who would receive
one day the passing of the torch, the baton, from a legend himself, a
once in a lifetime player named Derek jeter.

What we didn’t expect, happened! He left for the Seattle Mariners for more
money than the one offered by the Yankees. More years, too. Whether we
erred or not, whether we could have offered him more so that he would
stay and play for us, is not important today. All I know is that something
happened on the way from NY to Seattle that today he is playing for them
instead of us.

When he left, I lost my favorite player, for despite Jeter’s greatness, it was
Robbie who I turned the Yankee games on to watch. Loved his swing, his
play at second base, his great smile. He looked as if he was enjoying the
game, one which is difficult but that he made easy. I hated as much as anyone
when he didn’t run his butt on grounders, but then again I tried to console
myself thinking that he did not want to injure himself, not a player so
great, not a player as important to our team like himself.

There was a 75% chance that he would stay, because no sane person walks
away from what he had, from what was being offered to him. He was to
become a legend like the great Yankees that have had their number retire,
his number 24 someday being retired and his Plaque among the great ones
over at Monument Park. He would enter the HOF as a great Yankee, not a
great Mariner. With these in mind, I felt like many that he would stay, that
he would finish his beautiful career as a Yankee. Maybe all these thoughts
or reasons for him to stay, was what caused him to leave. Could we have
been overconfident? Did we misjudged him? Maybe money does have more
power than sense, than loyalty, I guess.

Today, Cano is a Mariner. He is fighting it out for the A.L Batting Championship,
and despite me not even wanting to mention his name, much like in the movie
“The Ten Commandments,” when Pharaoh prohibited uttering the word “Moses,”
even if deep down inside he loved him, I can’t help but to root for him to win
his first Batting Title, for he was supposed to win some of those with us, but
never did. I hope he does well, for as I said, I was really angry and hurt when
he left. I could not bear to see him in a Mariner uniform, to see him sporting a
“Big Papi” beard, looking “unYankee.”

I have since cooled off these hard feelings toward Robbie, a player that I could
not stand Pedroia comparisons with, for despite Dustin having his own
greatness, I always felt Cano was head and shoulders above not only him, but
with everyone who played the game, including my own countryman, Robbie
Alomar. I wish him luck and maybe he will realize he made a mistake, or maybe
it will be us who realize it, but destiny had it written that way, “so it is written,
so it shall be done!”
prohibited the name “Moses” being uttered, even i