By JohnnyYankee  Yankee Universe

Today, Roberto Clemente would have been 80 years old. Born on the 18th of August, 1934,
Clemente would have been an old man; hard to believe, right? We can still see him running
the bases like a Chetah, fielding his position like no other Right Fielder who ever played.
We remember the cannon for an arm, possibly the most powerful and accurate one ever.
So, saying that Clemente would be 80 years old today makes one wonder where time has
gone to? Wasn’t it the other day that he single handedly destroyed the Baltimore Orioles in
the 1971 World Series only to later lose his life in a plane crash that even today hurts just
thinking about it, for he was beloved by many, especially in Pittsburg, as in Puerto Rico, his
beloved country.

Yes, today would have marked his 80th birthday, and I bet that he probably would have
been a handsome 80 year old man. He could probably still throw a cannon from RF, probably
come to the plate and hit a line drive base hit. At least, that’s how I think it would be.
He was 38 years old when he died, not very young for a player, but yet he played the game
like a 28 year old man. He was one of those players in Sports that for some reason make one
feel as if they will always stay young, ala Michael Jordan. Players that come once in a lifetime,
who for some reason Destiny wants us to remember them as they were then.

Many have suggested that much like Jackie Robinson, his number 21 be retired by MLB, not
only as it is today in Pittsburg, but in all ML ballparks. Sure, the opposers will say that why
not retire Babe Ruth’s number also, probably being right, but Clemente was more than a
player. He was also Baseball’s biggest humanitarian, for he gave his life so that others could
live, survive a horrible earthquake. Happy Birthday, Roberto, I know you’re enjoying it Up There,
my respects and admiration to you….